Authentic Living Home Decor Box

Authentic Living Home Decor Box

Everyone has heard about home decor box subscriptions, and there are so many options to choose from today. However, I will tell you that not every home decor subscription box is equal, and many of them aren't worth the hassle. 

At Mitch Allen Interiors, we listened to you. When you said you wanted quality products in your box, we went direct to the source to find unique, designer pieces. When you said you wanted to see what was in your box before you bought, we posted every picture possible on our site to give you all the details up front. When you said you wanted to pick and choose which box, we listened and made our boxes non-subscription based, so pick the one (or 4 that fit your styling needs). Buy them when you want, and as frequently as you need.

Our Authentic Living Home Decor Box Collection is not subscription based, you can see what you get before you purchase, and we promise you will love every item in your box. Why? We've scoured designer markets, trends, and have gone direct to the source for high end products, without the high end prices. We've mindfully sourced, and thoughtfully curated each box with familiar designer items at slightly reduced prices to ensure that you can more effortlessly achieve the well curated designer look without breaking the bank. 

Before we get into our "how to style" tips for each home decor box, let's go over the nitty-gritty details about our Authentic Living Decor Box Collection. We do our best to find designer stylings and then go direct to the source for the identical, or sometimes similar products. We curate the pieces into a vignette for you that is ready to style, right out of the box (with a few exceptions). Don't worry, we give you all the bonus tips on how to complete the look. Choose the box you need to help style the space in your home that needs a refresh. No commitment to a subscription, no wondering what's inside, no worrying if it's something you already have, or stressing if you'll even like it. Simply select the decor box you want, and then Click, Unbox, Style.

Here's our tips on how to style each box as well as additional notes on how to complete the look. Enjoy your new Authentic Living Home Decor Box!


Pismo Beach Decor Box

The Pismo Beach Decor Box is a versatile curated pairing for any space in your home, from dressers and built-ins, to bathroom vanities, entryway tables, mantles, and even your kitchen counter.  It's the perfect duo! Each piece is a great base or can be used to fill those blank spots you're struggling with. Pair it with our Torrey Pines Decor BoxSurf Shack BookGrey Mist Glass Beads and Aqua Glass Beads to complete the look.


Torrey Pines Decor Box

The Torrey Pines Decor Box is a versatile pairing curated for your coffee table, side table, built-in shelf, or dresser. It's the perfect trio! You can purchase with our faux Maiden Hair Fern, or purchase without and add your favorite faux plant or stems and coffee table book. Pair it with our Pismo Beach Decor BoxFound Unglazed JugLa Vie Camp FlagSwiss Cross Camp Flag, or our Kensington Decor Box for your coffee table to complete the look.


Del Mar Decor Box

The Del Mar Decor Box is curated for nightstands, living room side tables, coffee tables, and even your fireplace mantle or built-ins. It's the perfect trio! Pair it with our Linen Pillow Cover in Natural Martini Olive to complete the look. For an easy style tip, you can pair it with your favorite decor book on your coffee table and twist the beads to set on the book instead of draped over the vase. 


Sonoma Valley Decor Box

The Sonoma Valley Decor Box is curated for your living room. It's the perfect combo for coffee tables, side tables, or style the woven wicker baskets on a mantle or built-ins. You can choose between with or without our faux drop in Bird's Nest Fern. Pair this Decor Box with your favorite drop in plant, our Pismo Beach Decor Box, and our Linen Pillow Covers - Natural & Natural Stripe to complete the look.


Carmel Decor Box

The Carmel Decor Box is a versatile kit for your living room, family room, or bedroom. Style the handmade vases on your dining table, entryway table, or your kitchen island and pair it with a large wood bowl for fruit! You can even style the vases on a shelf on your living room built-ins. or on your bedroom dresser. You can pair these vases with your favorite faux or real stem/branch. Each piece is a great base or can be used to fill those blank spots you're struggling with. If you're styling this decor box on your built-ins we suggest pairing this box with our Pismo Beach Decor Box, Del Mar Decor Box, or our Sonoma Valley Decor Box to complete the look.  


Kensignton Decor Box

The Kensington Decor Box is a versatile pairing curated for your coffee table, built-in shelf, fireplace mantle, or dresser. Add your favorite faux plant or stems and coffee table book to complete the look. Pair it with our Torrey Pines Decor Box to complete the look. 


San Clemente Decor Box

The San Clemente Decor Box is curated for the perfect nightstand or side table setting. The cone shaped ceramic vase is the perfect height for short stemmed tulips or add a longer branch for a more unique look like silver dollar eucalyptus or seeded eucalyptus. Pair this box with our Linen Pillow Cover, Natural & Natural Stripe, or our Ink Pinstripe to complete the look.

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