Four Easy Steps to Hanging Wall Baskets

Four Easy Steps to Hanging Wall Baskets

Have you ever wondered how easy or hard it is to hang wicker baskets on a wall?

Hanging baskets as an accent feature is a simple and effective method to add texture and interest to a boring, blank wall. The basket's multi-dimensional shape adds greater depth to a gallery wall, and the woven, organic texture brings a touch of authenticity into your home.

You'll have a fascinating and one-of-a-kind focal point that will enhance your room if you follow these simple steps. Plus, it will take you less than an hour to complete from start to finish!

how to guide for hanging wall baskets

What Supplies Will You Need?

  • Clear Plastic Thread or Fishing Line (click for our recommendation)
  • Hooks or Nails
  • Baskets

Clear Plastic Thread or Fishing Line 

I recommend the use of a strong, clear plastic thread or fishing line. This is an inexpensive option, and you'll have lots to spare for other projects! It is also very simple to use. 

Hooks or Nails 

Choose a hook or nail that is appropriate for you and your type of wall. The most common method is to use small nails or picture hangers, which is the simplest option because they are small and flat. If you don't want to use nails, 3M makes little Command Hooks that won't cause any harm to your wall.

Because you'll want to keep the bulky mess behind your basket to a minimum, consider something that can lay flat. Some people just nail a basket to the wall, but I've found that this causes damage to the basket and that the nail head is visible on the front side of the basket, which isn't visually appealing.

When you connect the nail or hook with the fishing line, you'll get a smooth and professional-looking hang for your baskets.


Here is where your creativity comes into play! But be sure to stick with an odd number of baskets for the best effect, as with most vignettes. Odd numbers allow your eye to roam throughout a collection rather than settling on a single point. This gives the appearance of more space and completes the look of a cluster of items.

Your best option is to land somewhere between three and five baskets. They’re just enough to fill a wall without being too overwhelming. You don't want your wall to look cluttered and thrown together!

I enjoy mixing and matching patterns and sizes because it adds movement to your arrangement. However, it is ok to include two baskets with similar shapes and patterns as long as they are different sizes. You're aiming for creativity and distinction, but it is important to try to stick to a color palette and not add in too many color variations in your baskets.  The best thing about hanging woven baskets is that you can mix and match any of the patterns and sizes and they'll all look great together.

How Do I Hang the Baskets?

Let’s get to the most important part, the simple instructions on how to hang your baskets:

baskets for walls decor


STEP #1 

Arrange the baskets on the floor so that the designs can be seen together. Before you make any holes in your wall, you may experiment with spacing on the floor to make sure it's to your liking. It is essential to do this step so you avoid any mistakes and unwanted holes in your wall. I also find it beneficial to take a picture of the final layout on your phone so you can refer to it while you hang the baskets.

STEP #2 

Begin with the largest basket, or the basket that is closest to the center of your design. Hold your basket up to the light to view the open areas of the weave in the middle. Thread the fishing line through the basket with the open end of the loop on the rear.

Run the thread through the front of the basket's open weaves, with the open ends of your loop on the back. To make the basket lay flat on the wall, try to center the loop as much as possible. I recommend threading all of the baskets at once so that they may be hung all at the same time. Set up the other baskets after you've threaded the main one so that they're all at the same step. It’s not a bad idea here to keep the baskets in the exact spot on the floor while threading your clear line through so you can keep your layout correct. 

fishing line and baskets for your wall

On the reverse of each basket loop, tie a double knot. The tighter (or smaller) the loop is, the tighter the hang on the wall will be. The thread will be practically unnoticeable from the front if you tie it firmly to your basket.

hang wall baskets with fishing line looped

STEP #3 

Attach the first basket to the wall with a short nail or picture hanger behind the basket's center. Once you have one basket hung on the wall, it's smooth sailing! All you have to do is add the others to complete your woven basket wall (using a tape measure to measure out the next nail or Command Hook is also an extra bonus step).

Rather than spreading baskets out too far on the wall, I prefer to keep them close to each other. When the baskets are close together, it appears to be a whole installation rather than a fragmented arrangement. This will also make your design feel more like a whole rather than a random collection of pieces. 

STEP #4 

Repeat until all of your baskets are hung! Once done, step back and enjoy your masterpiece!

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