How High To Hang Pictures And Art In 5 Easy Steps

How High To Hang Pictures And Art In 5 Easy Steps

Tip #1 - Arrange Pictures On A Wall Before Putting Hammer To Nail

  • Arrange everything on a table or the floor.

  • Rearrange the photos or art until you find an arrangement that you like.

  • Trace around each piece using a large piece of paper (even wrapping paper will work).

  • Mark the paper with the hanging points from the back of the artwork.

  • Secure the paper to the wall with tape, and hammer the nails in.

  • Remove the paper, and there you have it - a stencil to help you hang your artwork and photos!

Tip #2 - How to Hang Pictures & Art at Eye Level

I’ve found that single artwork should be hung at eye level, and that 57-60 inches from the center of the piece of art or picture to the floor is the magic number.

When hanging your artwork or pictures above furniture, maintain a minimum 4-6 inches above the top of the furniture piece from the bottom of the picture frame.

If the art is going above a sofa or console, it should be hung about two-thirds the width of the furniture.

But, before you dig out your trusted picture hanging kit, keep in mind that there are a few things you'll need to figure out before you start punching holes in your walls. For example, you will want to first determine the center of your artwork (from top to bottom) so that you can confidently ensure it is hung at the correct height. Another essential step is to determine which height is most comfortable for you and go with your gut instinct. As a result, as you move between rooms, everything remains at the same height.

Tip #3: Factor In The Size Of Your Pictures and Art

When hanging two art pieces, treat them as one and still hang them 60 inches from the floor to the center of the grouping.

This rule also applies to groups of three and four. Make sure they are spaced only a few inches apart, so they look together and not disconnected.

Tip #4: Evenly Space Your Pictures and Art

I recommend spacing large or medium-sized frames no more than 2-4" away, but smaller pieces can be spaced as close as 1-1.5".

Since artwork comes in an array of shapes and sizes, it’s best to take a step back and consider the grouping of art and pictures as one big cohesive piece of art. By doing this, you will be able to locate the center and hang the entire vision at a height of 57" to 60" from the floor.

It may take a little bit of math, but this attention to detail and forethought is completely worth it! Don’t worry, if you’re terrible at math like I am, then arrange your pieces on the floor in front of the wall and play with the arrangement until it feels right to you. 

And if you choose to hang your gallery-worthy collection above furniture, you should still regard it as a single big piece, but you will suspend the complete grouping just above your table, sofa, or bed. And, fortunately for you, I've detailed exactly how to do so below (so be sure to keep reading.)

Tip #5: How To Hang Multiple Pictures On Your Wall

Should pictures be hung at the same height?

Whether you're hanging images vertically or horizontally on a wall, when it comes to grouping two or more pieces together you will want to determine the space between each item & then regard the grouping as a single giant piece of artwork with the grouping's center 57” to 60” off the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you arrange photos on staircase walls?

When arranging pictures on your staircase wall, visualize a straight line parallel to the stairwell's angle. Arrange your artwork in such a way that this invisible line runs through the center of larger prints, while the corners of smaller prints are just touching the imaginary line.

How do you hang a group of 4 pictures/photos?

Consider groupings as a single, complete piece when considering the height of hanging art and then hang the group of four photographs as a single square using the aforementioned 57-60” rule as the baseline eye level measurement. You’ll want to measure from the center of the 4 pictures or art so that they are 57-60” from the floor.

How do you hang small pictures on the wall?

A small piece of artwork on a large wall can look out of place and can throw the entire wall and room off balance.

Consider the narrow walls in your home when hanging small pictures, such as the spaces between openings, to the left or right of doorways, or even next to windows. Additionally, consider grouping smaller photographs and artwork in a way that connects them all and feels purposefully designed.

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