How To Style Neutral Throw Pillows

How To Style Neutral Throw Pillows

My obsession with layering neutral (non-patterned, or minimal patterned) pillows started in 2015 when I purchased the Pottery Barn Comfort Roll Sectional Sofa. There is no true or proper way to explain how incredible the texture, tone, and comfort of each cushion on this sofa is. So today, I’m gladly sharing with you a few of my tricks to getting perfectly styled neutral throw pillows. The biggest key to focus on here is to capture a classic look with true timelines appeal.

Stick to the basics and keep it simple…

It’s easy to see a new pillow and get sidetracked on a whole new decor setup which would require all new everything. But take a step back and stick to the old tride and true. It’s easy to change a look of a space by simply swapping out pillow covers for the season. Search for quality inserts, I’m going to give you a hard fact here. Splurge on the insert and wait for the sale on a cover. Hear me out, you will swap covers and can wash them, but if an insert is inexpensive it breaks down quickly and gets easily misshaped. My favorite places to splurge on inserts are: Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Crate & Barrel (CB2 is an alternative). I do have a favorite insert from Amazon, click here to shop. Even though you’re swapping out covers for the season it’s important to stick with neutrals to provide a grounding for your space.

I could ramble on forever about all the ways to style on chairs and sofa’s and beds, but I prefer to make things simple, because that makes life simple and one of our core values at Mitch Allen Interiors is: Live Simply. So let’s cut to the chase and break it down for you.

    1. Styling Arm Chairs it’s easy to quickly add a slightly oversized pillow (22”x22” is a great option) for a more minimal look. The option I prefer is to layer two different sized pillows. For example, you can use an 18”x18” and a 20”x20” or you can layer a lumber pillow with a 20”x20”. If you use tonal patterns keep them simple.

    2. When layering a sofa (this applies to a non-sectional sofa) you can safely add 4-5 pillows without it feeling cluttered. I recommend never laying more than 3 in a group. it’s best to layer in varying heights and shapes (i.e. - lumber, 18”x18”, and a 20”x20”). If you prefer going with a bright colorful option I would use less than 4 pillows and increase the size so it does fill overwhelming but you still get the full affect with the larger size. (meaning larger than a 20”x20”)

3. Last but not least is the old battle of the never ending throw pillows on the bed. I prefer the “less is more” statement here. I also am a big fan of a non-symmetrical shape when layering. If there is only one thing you learn from me in this section it’s that you absolutely better have Euro Pillows. However, I prefer to use an oversize pillow in the middle and layer with smaller pillows from there. A trick to this is to stack your queen pillows behind your Euro’s or to lay them flat and stack your throw pillows on top of them (if you use this method be sure you don’t use anything larger than an 18”x18” pillow).

We made it! It’s that simple to layer neutral pillows in any space. Always remember, you can add color with the seasons but keep it simple and surround it with calmer more neutral tones. Cheers to happy decorating!

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