Styling Your Sofa Side Table

Styling Your Sofa Side Table

Furniture pieces like sofa’s, rug’s, headboards, are considered anchors for a room. These are the basis for creating your palette even when your style and taste evolve. When styling a space I prefer to start with these anchors and build upon our palette from there. Side tables are the perfect way to help frame your sofa in the room.

Side tables are the perfect way to help frame your sofa in the room. They’re an excellent way for renter’s to dress up their space, and are versatile in any setting. Side tables can fit into any aesthetic when styled correctly! Let’s run through some of the must have’s when styling your side table.

Lighting: Introducing lighting onto your side table can be the perfect way to add height if you have a low-back sofa. A table lamp can also help frame in artwork you have on the wall behind the sofa by raising the line of sight when entering a room to draw the attention up. It’s a perfect way to add a subtle pop of color, and the shade can help tie your elements together.

Make It Personal: This is the prime spot to put some of your favorite items on display. Drop in a unique item, a little family heirloom, or use that beautiful bowl or dish you just purchased and don’t yet have a space for. Creating that story with objects is what defines your space.

A Basket or Tray: It’s always important to not clutter a space. My go-to for minimizing clutter but maximizing style is to add a small basket, porcelain bowl, or tray. This is the perfect space to collect all the random things that can get dropped onto a side table. It’s the perfect space to throw remotes, keys, earrings, reading glasses and that random cap from your kids drink. All these things dropped into one space, instead of strewn across the table.

Adding Ambiance: Never underestimate the power of a candle. A scented candle adds immediate ambiance, lit or unlit. We also can’t forget our fresh friends, flowers. If you aren’t up to the task of fresh florals opt for a more friendly alternative of faux stems.

Regardless of what you opt for on your side table, I think the key takeaways are to find balance, add texture, and find objects with a purpose. Filling your home with items you love will ensure you create a space that you want to live in and expresses your personality. Adding the right things to a side table can simply help define who you are and the space you live in.

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