The Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Designer

The Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Designer

The secret to finding a Virtual Designer

In our current digital age, the world has become increasingly global - especially in the last two years - and everything that used to be face-to-face is quickly moving to digital platforms. More and more of our buying decisions and purchases are being done online, both for work and for pleasure. With technology like Zoom and other digital meeting platforms, the gap of physical meetings and digital ones is closing and it’s much easier to be efficient thanks to today’s dynamic digital platforms.

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With the advancement of technology, this question comes up quite often: could you work with a virtual interior designer on a large project such as designing a kitchen and main living area remodel or something as small as styling your home office? I’ll lay out my case for picking a designer based on their style and vibe, rather than their proximity to your home, below.

Let's say you live in a small town or an area that's a little more rural. You may or may not be able to locate a designer whose style you truly admire and adore within your proximity. So, to achieve the look you want, expand your search. Look for Interior Designers on social media, or online searches and find Designers who you can relate with. Key things to consider are their personality and their ability to have variation in their designs. 

If you're looking to hire a designer, we suggest asking this question: is their style and personality a good fit for you, and are they willing to understand your unique vision and draft a design that incorporates your vision and needs? At the very least, you will be working with a designer for a couple of months or more on large projects and it’s important that you and your designer are a good fit. 

At Mitch Allen Interiors, we believe that working with a person with whom you have a good rapport is far more important than working with someone who is close by. And finding someone who truly understands you and your vision for your space is extremely important. 

Most Interior Designers can utilize a contractor that is local to provide measurements, specs, and any other important details and information they would need to complete your design work. It’s an easy process to have your contractor and interior designer work together. 

What would be our recommendation for going with a local designer versus an interior designer?

Increase the breadth of your search to not just your geographic location, browse the styles and portfolios of designers whose work you enjoy to help you get inspiration, and immerse yourself fully in their design universe. Social media can tell you a lot about a designer's values, their personality, attitude, and their design skill. Follow along with a few designers online and once you feel comfortable with contacting them, a simple Direct Message is a great start. 

You can contact Mitch Allen Interiors even if you don't live in San Diego, California - we are used to meeting digitally and have the technology to streamline our digital consultations. 

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