Writer’s Block & A Few Styling Tips from Mitch Allen

Writer’s Block & A Few Styling Tips from Mitch Allen

Photo by Cameo Media Production

Yikes, I haven’t sat down to write a new blog post in over 45 days….I’ve certainly had writer’s block. However, it’s partially due to a lack of creativity since all my creativity has been focused on designs for our studio as well as content and behind the scenes things for our decor shop. If I can be honest, I’ve disliked writing and reading since elementary school and nothing is new today. 

I’ve jotted down so many topics and things I’d love to talk about from design, to small business things, to decor. However, everytime I start attempting to write about a topic I can’t seem to find the words to fill the page. I struggle with the direction of how I want a post to flow, which prevents me from getting more than one sentence on the page. The frustration I have though is that as our studio grows, and our shop expands I have so much to share in so many different ways and I’m limited on options. A blog would truly be ideal because I can combine text and images which I much prefer over a 15-30 second videos on Instagram or TikTok (give me all the pretty images!). I firmly believe that this blog can be a place to lay out more details about our designs, tips on how to style your space (maybe even more information about our Decor Boxes), and all the pretty things like before + after reveals. 

So for the second half of this year, I’m making a valid effort to put aside my hesitations and fears of writing to produce content that will help you, inspire you, and be something you truly want to experience. 

So let’s kick start that process with a few quick and dirty styling tips when it comes to the details of personalizing your home. 


You do not need to fill every open space, this goes for your floors, walls, and any surface. Stick to items that you truly value or that put a smile on your face, find the right amount of balance that allows it to feel authentic and intentional. You need negative space in a room to help prevent from overwhelming you. 


Varying types of textures and materials will allow for a more intentional and authentic experience. Listen, we’re all obsessed with brass, but you don’t need 100 brass items and 1 natural wood piece. Have a healthy balance of different metal, wood, greenery, and materials. This mix & match approach will certainly give your space a more “collected & authentic” look. I’m all about creating a space with intention. 


Whether your designing your furniture layout, or pairing decor on a shelving, scale is absolutely critical! It’s Important to pair small items with larger items to create the illusion of depth. Avoid pairing too many items together that are similar in size. My go-to items for decorating shelves to help create a balanced look are books, bowls, beads, objects and vases. These items are varying in size enough and are so versatile to all be used together in varying combinations. 

Styling by The Drews Design  

Photo by Ashley Relvas Photography

Decor by Mitch Allen Interiors

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Cheers to Authentic Living! 

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