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How to Style with Linen Pillow Covers

The amount of prints and patterned pillow covers you can find in stores is overwhelming. At Mitch Allen Interiors we have curated the best solid pillow covers that are perfect on their own or to be mixed in with your patterned and printed pillow covers. However, our linen, cotton, and velvet pillow covers are made with 100% soft washed European linen, Handspun cotton, and flax linen. One of the most popular options for pillow covers is the linen pillow cover. It is a very versatile pillow cover and can be styled perfectly no matter what your aesthetic is.

Why Should You Purchase Designer Pillow Covers?

Purchasing designer linen, cotton, and velvet pillow covers are a simple way to add a touch of luxury to your home and elevate your space. Whether you are purchasing pillow covers to create a unique look for your bedroom or as a gift for someone special, our pillow covers are sure to impress. However, before you purchase these covers, there are some things you should know.

  1. Linen is strong and durable and gets softer with each wash.
  2. Linen is a popular choice for bedding and home decor because it is natural and breathable.
  3. Linen pillow covers can add a touch of luxury to any room.
  4. Linen pillow covers are available in various colors and styles.
  5. Linen pillow covers should be washed in cold water and hung to dry. You can also iron them if needed.
  6. Linen pillow covers can be used to protect pillows from dust and dirt. They can also add an extra layer of warmth in the winter.

Consider adding designer pillow covers to your collection to easily elevate your home decor.

Linen Pillow Covers

Our linen pillow covers are made from 100% European Linen. The covers are available in various colors, with a few striped patterns. Our collection of linen pillow covers come pre-washed and pre-shrunk, making them a truly easy way to upgrade your sofa, or bed style.

Designer Linen pillow covers are an investment that will last a lifetime. When you purchase a Mitch Allen Interiors pillow cover, we guarantee you will receive a high-quality product at an affordable price. 

Mitch Allen Interiors, A Perfect Place to purchase Designer Linen Cushion Covers

Designer linens are a great way to dress up a room and add a luxurious touch to a living room, family room, or bedroom. We have a mindfully curated collection of handmade pillow covers made of the softest and finest European linen fabrics and cottons.

Here is a quick overview of our collections of designer cushion covers:

  • Linen Pillow Cover, Natural
  • Linen Pillow Cover, Ink Pinstripe
  • Linen Pillow Cover, Navy
  • Linen Pillow Cover, Natural Stripe
  • Linen Pillow Cover, Olive
  • Velvet Lumbar, Clay
  • Velvet Lumbar, Olive
  • Velvet Square Cover, Clay
  • Velvet Square Cover, Olive

Some designs are meant to complement a specific room, such as your living room, while others are more versatile and can suit many styles and rooms. If you are looking to buy designer linen pillow covers as a gift, then our carefully crafted linen pillow covers are the perfect choice.

Happy Customers And Quick Delivery Service

When you order your new pillows, and accessories online, you want to be sure you’re getting exactly what you ordered. That’s why we take the time to create a personalized shopping experience that makes it easy for you to find the exact products you want. Our photographs accurately portray the items in the best way possible. 

We are committed to making your experience with Mitch Allen Interiors enjoyable. We hope our easy-to-navigate website, fast and reliable delivery, and excellent customer service turns you into a life-long customer. 


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