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How to Create a Curated and Unique Decor Box on a Budget

Curated and Unique Decor Boxes

Mitch Allen Interiors is a home decor box company that thoughtfully sources and mindfully curates unique decor. We offer a wide variety of decor pieces for any aesthetic and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a new decor item to spruce up your home, or a special gift for someone you love, Mitch Allen Interiors has something for you. 

Our premium Authentic Living Decor Box collection has the perfect gift for any special occasion, such as a birthday, holiday, anniversary, or closing gift. Our boxes provide a designer aesthetic that will give a room that effortless designer look with ease. Simply Click, Unbox, Style. 

Why Should You Buy Decor Boxes for Your Home or Business’ Interior?

Decorating for holidays, weddings, and other special events can be difficult. A lot of times, you may be limited on what you can purchase due to availability of in stock items, or budget. However, you can still create a beautiful aesthetic with timeless decor with a few items. One of the best things to decorate with is our popular decor boxes. Here are a few benefits of purchasing unique home decor pieces from Mitch Allen Interiors:

  1. Each box is hand-curated by a professional interior designer
  2. Each box contains 2-4 unique home decor pieces
  3. Each box has a neutral aesthetic but work well with any style, from boho, glam, modern, to farmhouse, contemporary, mid-century and transitional
  4. The pieces in each box are carefully selected to complement each other or can be used to style individually 
  5. Boxes are a one-time purchase, no subscription necessary

Decor Boxes for the Home

We are excited to announce a new series of home decor boxes curated by Mitch Allen Interiors that is not subscription based. These items include home goods such as vases, baskets, blankets, decorative beads and other high-end home decor accessories. 

Our goal is to bring exclusive brands, and unique pieces typically unavailable to most other stores. We want to help you create a well curated designer look at home, that is budget friendly. Our home decor boxes are not subscription based, so purchase as often as we release new ones, or as many as you’d like to help complete the look at home. Here are some of the most popular curated designer decor boxes we currently offer:

  • Pismo Beach Decor Box
  • Torrey Pines Decor Box
  • Drifter Decor Box
  • Del Mar Decor Box
  • Sonoma Valley Decor Box
  • Carmel Decor Box
  • Kensington Decor Box
  • San Clemente Decor Box

Luxury Curated and Unique Decor Boxes as a Gift

If you are looking for unique and unexpected gift boxes for your loved ones, or just want to refresh your space, try our Authentic Living Decor Boxes by Mitch Allen Interiors. We offer versatile home decor boxes that will suit a wide variety of high-end styles and aesthetics. 

Our items have been hand-picked and hand-crafted from around the world and are always ethically sourced. Gifting a home decor box is the perfect way to express your love with elevated style and affordability. 

Quick Turnaround and Satisfied Customers

At Mitch Allen Interiors, we are committed to a perfect shopping experience. Our Authentic Living Commitment is our promise. We're dedicated to a more authentic way of life at home.

We offer quick turnaround times on new orders, and quick shipping. Orders ship within 24 hours of being placed, and our average shipping time is 3 days.

To achieve these goals, we have an efficient process for order fulfillment. After placing an order, we start your order process immediately.

We focus on packaging that is environmentally friendly, so we leave a smaller footprint on our environment. We’re confident you’ll love your new decor. 

Get Your Favorite Curated and Unique Decor Boxes Delivered To Your Doorstep

Home Decor boxes are a great way to keep up with trends, enjoy new and exciting products, and receive thoughtful gifts and ideas for your home. With so many subscription services available, it is essential to find the right one for you. 

At Mitch Allen Interiors, we have curated and customized a selection of unique and stylish boxes to suit your needs. These curated and unique boxes will be delivered right to your doorstep, making it easy to find precisely what you are looking for. Achieve the designer look by simply clicking, unboxing, and styling with our Authentic Living Decor Boxes. 

If you are at a loss on how to accessorize and style your space, consider purchasing one of our curated Authentic Living Decor Boxes. Our unique, hand crafted pieces will bring warmth and style to your home.


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