Meet Our Artisans/Tradesmen

Creative Women

Creative Women, based out of York, Pennsylvania, sources home goods from around the world with a sole purpose of working to uplift female artisans. Creative Women helps bring the very best in luxury home decor using only the finest natural fibers, dyes and time-honored techniques from female artisans.  Each handwoven thread tells a story of craft, culture and empowerment united with contemporary design.

Founded in 2004, Creative Women is a fair trade certified company working with over 1400 women in 9 countries. They supply handwoven home textiles and decor in signature timeless styles. Their artisans and makers use native natural fibers and AZO free "natural" dyes to create luxurious pieces that are ethical and sustainable. Handcrafted with skillful hands and careful attention, each piece has unique qualities in natural texture, softness, and color that can’t be replicated by a machine.



Rachel V. Whisler founded RVPottery in 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee to create handmade dinnerware that is not only beautiful to look at, but is designed to be used day after day. While at Belmont University in Nashville, she quickly developed her very unique style and fell in love with clay. RVPottery is made to serve as the backdrop for meals, decor, and memories for years to come. 


Linen Tales

A family business based in Lithuania whose soul goal is to bring modern linen classics to contemporary homes. We can relate to their primary principal, which is to make things that are not only practical, but also beautiful." 

They are focused on creating linen home goods that are of such high quality they can be used for years to come, creating less waste and more conscious consumption of goods. They focus their production of linen goods to extend their products life cycle and reduce their environmental impact. 

We love their simple approach to a timeless classic piece of every day authentic living. Linen is such an integral part of our lives, from sofa fabrics, rugs, bedding, and our kitchen textiles. Linen Tales products will stand the test of time. 


1502 Candle Co.

Caroline started 1502 Candle Co. in 2012 by double-boiling wax on her kitchen stove and using recycled and repurposed jars. 

"The desire to live a more sustainable life continues to inspire me to create products that are themselves more responsible and sustainable." - Caroline

1502 Candle Co. is a small business that is local to San Diego. They are intentional with their packaging, ingredients, and products. Their blends are inspired by memories and feelings, smelling simple yet sophisticated. Therefore, ultimately creating candles that have a strong throw, but fragrances that smell natural and don’t overwhelm your space. We firmly believe that 1502 Candle Co. candles can help you live a more authentic life at home. 



Based in Canada, the owner and founder fell in love with French country living and was inspired by the beauty and simple elegance of the fragrances and products he experienced while in France. This lead him to create and develop French inspired bath, beauty, and home lines that they now sell throughout North America. 

They continue to curate their lines with quality goods from around the world. Their mission is to elevate the every day. We are proud to offer some of their marble home goods to ensure your every day is lived more authentically at home. 


Anybody's Backyard

Based out of Florida, shop owner Gwen uses recycled and repurposed canvas, felt, and other materials to make stunning, handmade flags and pennants. Drivin by minimizing our affect on the planet, and focused on recycling and repurposing material we can full get behind Gwen's efforts. Our goal at Mitch Allen Interiors is to minimize our impact on the planet while providing handmade, naturally sourced materials, and decor to help elevate your space.


Remake Ceramics

One of a kind for everyday use. Remake Ceramics believes that the items you bring into your home should have lasting quality, a special meaning, and serve a purpose. Items that have a personal and unique touch that can be cherished as a part of your everyday life. Remake Ceramics is woman owned, small batch made, and located in San Diego, CA. 


She Made

She Made ceramics embody rustic elegance and timeless simplicity, paying homage to America’s expansive countrysides and the historic farmhouses built upon them. Each vessel is one of a kind with unique details that whisper the tale of how it was made: A subtle drip in the glaze, a small divot in the rim, variations in the size and shape of like-items… reminding us that imperfection is natural, comforting, worthy, and true.

At the heart of She Made is an inherent knowing that connection is the wellspring of joy. Each day, no matter how trivial it may seem, we are presented with opportunities to seek unity with the people, places, and things we are surrounded by. It was this pursuit of connection that lured Kayley Vandenberg, the “She” of She Made, to the potter’s wheel in 2018. In returning to this craft she first pursued as a child, she unearthed a deep inner harmony and a medium in which to express the beauty she sees in the world. 

Kayley’s longing for an honest, soulful life that ripens with age is the bedrock of her ceramics practice. Through her desire to explore her own self, integrate with nature, and uncover meaning in the everyday, she discovered unlimited opportunities for connection: In curls of steam rising from a pair of coffee mugs, in a vase of fresh cut flowers, in a home-cooked meal served on her favorite plate. 

In a modern world, the value of handmade items is lost on many — She Made is for those who find happiness in knowing the story of their belongings; for people who want their surroundings to inspire, foster peace, and encourage connection; for people seeking to transform life’s quietest moments into a song.

Attainable Style. Affordable Decor.

We were founded on the principles of relaxed, casual, and authentic decor at attainable prices. Our interiors should be a place of casual comfort, relaxed livability and encourage a sense of authentic living.

Our Beginning.

Home means everything to us. I launched Mitch Allen Interiors to help provide a better approach to more attainable style, with affordable designer decor for your home. Before launching Mitch Allen Interiors I was a Realtor/Broker for more than 8 years, who loved everything about helping others find their home. However, like you, I struggled to curate my own home with quality, unique, affordable designer-like pieces. After the Pandemic, we realized that home meant more to us, and wasn't just a place. We decided to help people achieve the designer look they've always wanted with affordable, attainable decor, through our decor boxes. We are an online-only, direct-to-the-consumer brand that is determined to curate decor you love, for the home you love.

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Curated In San Diego. Handmade from around the world.

From our expert Candle Maker in San Diego, to our ceramicists in Canada, and our linen manufacturers in Lithuania, all the way to our female artisans in Africa & East Asia - our makers craft our home decor from the finest natural materials.

  • Thoughtfully Crafted.

    We focus on sourcing products that are sustainably made with natural products, chemical free dyes, and low CO2 emmission. From our makers manufacturing to our recyclable packaging, we're mindful of our footprint.

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  • Mindfully Sourced

    The majority of our products are made by hand from over 1,400 artisans in more than a dozen countries around the world. From female artisans, to multi-generational small businesses, we have focused on the unique.

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  • Carefully Curated.

    Our goal is to live a more authentic & simple life, and that begins at home. Curating our inventory is carefully approached to be aware of how each piece is crafted. Focusing on a simple, modern aesthetic, where quality is at the core.

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Be Kind. Be Good.

Our Authentic Living Commitment is our promise. We're dedicated to a more authentic way of life at home. Our motto at Mitch Allen Interiors is: Be Kind. Be Good.

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